Wednesday, June 14, 2006

List of links::

I'm giving a list of links to my digital video class that I found mostly through Vloggercon and I figured I would post them here as well!

Definitely check out the Vloggercon schedule where you can find all of the links of presenters and companies who came to Vloggercon.

Completely Known
Conversation God
Jen Simmons' site (vlog, blog, teaching material, many resources!)
Room 132 (elementary/middle school blog)
We Are the Media - news from the vlogosphere
I Make Things - Bre Pettris' blog
Ryanne Hodson's vlog
Zadi Diaz's vlog
Modern Feminist, Brittany Shoot's vlog
Vidlicious, Female Videobloggers!
Apperceptions, Markus Sandy's blog
Josh Leo's vlog
Michael Verdi's vlog
Jay Dedman's vlog
Ebb and Flow
Richard's vlog

Vloggercon homepageInteractive Videoblogging
Video Comments, a Wordpress plugin
Digital Rights Management
Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU
Flavored Video CommentsStanford Center for Internet and Society
Center for Social Media at American University (has TONS of resources, look around)
California Newsreel - Film and Video for Social Change
All things Web 2.0 "The List"
Our Media Learning Center
Node 101 (go to classes and learn how to vlog!)
Bay Area Node 101
Freevlog (learn how to vlog online!)
Outhink Media
Meet the Vloggers
Secrets of Videoblogging book!

for creating blogs:

Places to show/submit/host/edit your videos:
Artists' Television Access
Internet Archive
Our Media
Link TV
Eyespot (remix videos online)

Political/social change:
Echo Chamber Project
Homeless Nation


At 9:19:00 PM, Blogger Anthony said...

Thanks for the link Cassie. I don't think I got a chance to talk to you at Vloggercon. Sorry. There were so many people I wish I woulda been able to meet them all. I did notice you in a few of the sessions though. I look forward to seeing your videos when you get em posted. Thanks again.

At 3:40:00 PM, Blogger Devlon said...

This is a great list Cassie, I'd like to suggest to add to the blogs section :)

I remember seeing you at vloggercon, but like Anthony says, wow, lots of people to meet.


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